Lonny Love

A recent stroll through one of my favorite online magazines Lonny, left me considering taking on the apartment life style. But only for minute. (What can I say, I love it out in the country!)

Apartment living seems (to me) to be a bit more constrictive with neighbors, noise constrictions, pet constrictions, DECOR RESTRICTIONS! But after completely falling in love with a prewar Manhattan apartment designed by Lilly Bunn Weekes, I may consider a move to the cities after all.

I don't think anyone would be surprised to hear my favorite thing about this apartment is all the gold accents.
I am a gold freak, I admit it. Now if only I could just move right in!

Apples, Pillows, & Art

This weekend went by so quickly, I was sad to see it go. My sister, who lives one state over, came to visit me for our annual apple orchard visit. But before she arrived into town, I changed up the living room a bit. 
A few of the easiest items to replace in a room just happen to be pillows and art ( well in my case, cheap art) and I picked up a little bit of both.

The space above my sofa currently only had a pair of mirrors purchased from Homegoods last year.
Kinda bland.

I grabbed some frames and mats from Michaels along with some scrap book paper art..

And now I have myself a little gallery wall.

The pictures consist of magazine cut-outs, vintage art and printed art paper.

My favorite picture just happens to involve a mustache or two.

As for my new pillows, well who doesn't love a good chevron pattern?

And the rest of my weekend was pretty good too. 
At the orchard we strolled through the pumpkin patch...

Sampled the bakery ....

And was photo bombed by a creeper my little sister.

My weekend resulted in lots of apple dumplings thanks to our 2 buckets full!