A little Inspiration...

Has anyone else been watching HGTV's Design Star?
Well if you have, you would have seen last weeks episode when the group splits up into two teams and they have to make over a deserving family's home inside and out.

Like usual, everyone did a great job on their task (except for Miera, that lady is crazy) but the highlight of this episode for me was the herringbone fence Stanley & Britany made.

Here's the before:

And the after:

Britany came up with the concept and Stanley constructed it.
Someone please try this and send me pictures because I love it!

Make sure you watch tonight's new episode!

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Parade Of Homes 2012

Parade Of Homes arrived to Eau Claire Wisconsin and it was up to me and my mother-in-law to critique explore the homes. Since a few of these homes politely asked that no pictures be taken , I politely snuck around taking pictures with my camera phone so please excuse the below par snap shots.
Back to the parade!

Just for some side facts, it's rare to find these homes properly decorated in this area. Most homes just exhibit the craftsmanship, which is all fine but makes for a boring tour when your looking for some character.
Luckily, there were a few homes that were worthy to blog about.
House #1 Charming & Contemporary
You walked into the mud room and this cute built in was to your left...

And to your right was this little built in desk.


Powder room.

Dining room. I love the chunky wood mantel.

Living room.

The master was lacking a little in design but the size of this room made up for it.

Master continued.

Master bath.

With a soaking tub...

House # 2. Masculine & Cozy

This house was very large with having 8,000 Sq ft. The whole back side of the house had large windows that let lots of light in and made for a beautiful country view. One of the features I loved most were all the dark, saturated colors they used.


Living room.

Master bedroom.

Master bath

This room was designed as a crafts room. Good use of space if you have plenty of it, I guess.

Oh and don't forget the basketball court. Who doesn't have one of these, right??

House # 3 We'll call this one High Ceilings because there wasn't a
whole lot more that was interesting about it.


Rec room.

They had a thing for drum pendants apparently.

And this is the master bath. I actually have this same mirror from Pier One in my bathroom but does any one else find the 2 mirrors odd? Maybe it's just me, but I was confused here. And don't get me started on the 2 different granite tops....

House # 4 The Farm House.

This was probably my favorite this year.
I told my MIL this is going to be my house...but in about 40 years. There's a special place in my heart for cute, country homes and someday I will own one. I mean come on, who doesn't like to decorate with old barn board and chicken wire?

Also, I should mention that it was down pouring as I took this picture. Like sheets of rain on my head, down pouring. I looked like a wet dog by the time I got to the house.

Part of the kitchen
(I had to be sneaky in this house. The owner was giving me the eye when I started "texting" with my phone aimed at the sink.)

I love the horizontal boards going up the stairs. 

Part of the kitchen/ Dining room.

How cute is this place setting?!

Vignette in the living room

Exposed beams in the living room.



And that about covers Parade of Homes 2012.
Wouldn't it be fun to have your own home featured in the parade?
I've been told the owners can receive discounts for being featured, sometimes up to 50% off which is amazing!

If your interested in last years tours, click here.

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Little Updates

I managed to fit in a few small updates to the bedroom this 
weekend in between yard work and more yard work.
First, I painted my plain white lamp shades dark teal and I'm really liking the effect.

I felt like this side of the room needed some dark, saturated colors 
so I whipped out some acrylic paint I had stashed away and painted it on with a foam brush.

My next little bedroom update is I finally hung some art above the dresser.
I found a set of vintage metal wall frames while thrifting and used one of the free print outs I posted about last week to fill them.


So there's my little update.
Teal lamp shades...

Horse art...

And a sleepy cat.
He's not really an update, just more of a lazy blob.