Princess Furniture & Princess Room Decor to Give Her Magical Fairy Tale Dreams

Never before has there been such magic and splendor in the world of children's furniture. With more space saving and design ideas now available than ever before, you have plenty of options for choosing princess furniture and princess room decor that is both practical and fun. Here are some tips to help get you started.

To begin with, the key component of any kids bedroom decor is, of course, the bed itself. Children's beds these days are more than just a place to sleep. They're a place to stir your child's dreams and reawaken her imagination each day. That's why princess beds should be the first piece of kids bedroom furniture you look at, and that is also why kids bedroom furniture designers have come up with such a captivating variety of creative designs to choose from.

Princess beds often come in the shapes of regal and majestic looking castles, often with two levels and a ladder or stairs to get from one to the other. Some even include a climbing wall for extra exercise, or a slide for coming down from the turrets in glee. Often these princess castle beds will be girls bunk beds, with a mattress on each level. Other times, one level will contain the girls beds while the other level will act as a play and study area.

Helping to augment the sense of majesty a princess castle bed is aimed to evoke are such unique children's furniture components as matching canopies and headboards. It's little extra touches like these that will really make her feel like the queen of her castle and give her sweet and magical fairy tale dreams each night.

Supplementing the princess beds can then be similarly themed chairs, desks, dressers, wardrobes or wardrobes, and other common kids bedroom furniture elements designed to fit in with the overall princess theme.

When considering color schemes for princess furniture, pinks and purples are popular colors for princess furniture and a princess themed girls room decor in general. Light blues and yellows make excellent highlights.

And speaking of highlights, an ideal design element to accent any piece of princess furniture and princess bedroom decor is lace. Every little girl likes frilly things, and lace is nothing if not frilly. Add a lace trim to your girls beds bedskirt or to the edges of her pillowcases, throw pillows, and cushions - both on the bed itself and along the rims of other princess bedroom furniture you select such as chairs and settees. Accent the edges of her window treatment in lace, or make her curtains or drapes entirely out of lace. Even a lampshade for a floor lamp, table lamp, or ceiling fixture can have lace incorporated in, either dangling from the lower rim or wrapped all the way around it.

Additional princess room decor can be as simple as hanging pictures of her favorite storybook and fairy tale princess on her walls, so she can stare at them any time she likes and relive her favorite fantasies over and over again in her imagination.

With all the unique children's furniture options now available to parents, there is no reason your little girl can't feel like the princess she is in both her and your eyes. And there is no reason she can't bed down each night in her own private castle, slumbering deeply and soundly with magical fairy tale dreams swirling around in her mind.

Disney Princess Bedrooms - Using Disney Princess Room Decor to Create a Princess Theme Room

Thinking about creating a Disney Princess theme room for your little girl? If your little girl is crazy about Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Belle then she will definitely enjoy being surrounded by them while she sleeps and plays in her room.

There is plenty of Disney Princess room décor available for decorating a Disney Princess room. A Disney Princess toddler bed is available for around $50. Because it is a toddler size bed it will be ideal for little ones between the ages of about two and five. The pink bed features all her favorite Disney Princesses on the headboard and has removable bedrails to keep her safe. Disney Princess bedding is also available. Sets typically come with a comforter, pillowcase, and sheets featuring the Disney Princesses.

When decorating the room, you may want to consider a wall mural of the Disney Princesses. You can buy Disney Princess wall murals that come in pre-pasted panels that are applied to the walls like wallpaper. This allows you to quickly and easily create a giant mural of the Disney Princesses.

You should also have no trouble finding plenty of Disney Princess room décor including art work, lamps, window treatments, and rugs. For inexpensive art, buy a Disney Princess calendar and frame the pictures to make wall art for the room. If you have been to a Disney park and have photos of your little girl with the princesses, you could blow them up and use them as art work in her room as well. Decals of the Disney Princesses could be used to decorate dressers, toy boxes, bookcases, and other furniture pieces in the room.

You may want to consider letting your daughter assist you in planning and decorating her Disney Princess room. She will most likely be excited about her new room and being part of the planning process will make the experience that much more memorable for her.

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Beautiful Trash

Check out these lovely wastebaskets feathered on One Kings Lane.
Each one is $35 (on sale from $75) and if you look closely, you will notice the outside lining is actually fabric! My favorite is the chevron pattern.

Here's a link for this OKL Sale.
If you are not already a member of One Kings Lane click here for an invite.

The Never Ending Story

That's just what I'm going to call all my posts about my bedroom updates.
Granted, they wont include giant flying dogs or the mythical land of Fantasia, (hopefully, most of you have seen that movie. If not.. awkward). But with the way things are moving, it may be awhile before I get everything established.

So last time you saw the master bedroom, it looked like this:

I tried and tried to love the red pillow but soon it became hard just to like it so sadly, it was returned.

Here is the updated room:

Notice the new lamps from Tarjay....
That's Target for those of you who don't speak french. ;)

My little sister gave me the two West Elm pillows on the right for Christmas.
I love the stork pillow so much! I'm sure it will be moved around the house quite a bit.

We moved the dresser to the other side of the room and freed up the window nook.

As I speak type, I'm looking for a cozy reading chair to put in the corner.

Close up of "hat lady."
I found this print stashed in an antique shop in upper Wisconsin. I also got the unicorn print on my dresser there as well

And last but not least, I switched the black shadow box frames for some gold framed mirrors.

Hopefully everthing will stay in it's place so I can address the other much-needed parts of the room.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Inspired To Try....

Every once in awhile I will come across a really great DIY idea. I found this picture on Pinterest and wasn't able to trace it back to it's origin but I thought it would be an easy project with big results.

"Fish scale art"

I'm guessing they used some sort of canvas backing & "scale" cut-outs to create the layering effect.

It kind of reminds me of the gold leaf canvas I made last year.

I may have a new project on my hands!

I'm Baaaccckkk.

For those of you who were this close (insert inch width apart fingers here) to calling a search party for me, don't worry, I didn't drop off the face of the earth. The last month has been quite the busy one with the holidays upon us. So when January 1st arrived, we were headed out to cruise the Caribbean.
Let me just say, it was a warm reunion with the sun and myself.
It's been a cold winter in the upper midwest and any ray of heat was welcome in my book.

I think you could handle this for a week, right?

We visited beautiful beaches as well as historical landmarks.
This is one of the forts we went to in San Juan.

Down town San Juan

One thing I miss dearly is a cruise line's prize
It was fun dressing up for dinners and ultimately leaving the table stuffed.

Chocolate melting cake. Best. Dessert. Ever.

Back to reality.... Dreaming of another piece of that delicious cake.