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Our Lady of the Teese

The Birds

Not sure where this is from, but I sure as hell like it.

Fuck You

A Trip To The Moon

Natalia Semanova by Arthur Elgort.

Joan Jett

Alisha Rules The World

I remember when I was 10 and I used to read Top of the Pops and Smash Hits magazine religiously. ESPECIALLY when they gave away sticker sets of all the heartthrobs of the day like Peter Andre (back when a 6-pack meant abs not beer) and Kavana (remember him? nope?) and boy bands like 911, a1, and other numerically fixated yet talent deficient acts. Back then, I thought Alisha's Attic were THE SHIT despite having only heard one of their songs on a free compilation that TOTP gave out. I was obsessed with their leopard print clothes, bindis, dark eyeliner, Karen's bad roots and Shelley's red streaks. From the ages of 10 until 13 when I was finally allowed to dye my hair, I would spend my pocket money on hair mascara (remember THAT?) and sit in my room painstakingly putting gold and red streaks in the front of my hair. I can still remember the smell and the greasy smudges on my pillowcase. Ahh, youth...

"it's 2525 and we've got the hottest dos alive!"

It's funny how different you can look depending on the colour and cut of your wig...

I really like the blonde one, especially as the likelihood of me ever getting my black hair to that shade of near white is pretty much nonexistent. I've tried. And failed. The brunette wig reminds me of how I had my hair when I was about 14 or 15, except mine was more red. Bit strange to see myself looking like that now. I'll NOT be going back.

Ciao, Bella

A tribute to the hot women of Dario Argento's Tenebre (and there were plenty).