Off To The Upholsterer

I've had these chairs sitting in storage for the past year
and a half with the hopes of one day reupholstering them.

Well that day has finally come because I just dropped them off this morning.

I'm getting them redone in this fabric I ordered from

Hopefully I will have some after pictures by the end of next week!

Herringbone Box

This past weekend I decided to venture into the dark corner of my
 basement where I store all my "fixer-uppers."

Fixer-Upper: Usually a sad looking household item that I claim to see potential in.

This weeks contender happens to be a very beat up, faux wood box that has seen better days.

It was a pretty easy makeover.
I already had the colored paint leftover from our bedroom so all I needed was tape, white spray paint, and decorative corners. After some tedious taping (I chose a herringbone pattern), here is my new & improved box!

I hope this inspires someone else to fix up those less than pretty leftovers!

New West Elm Favorites

If I had lots and lots of money, I would go crazy in this store.
The problem is, they would get even better stuff the next week and I would have to go back and do it all over again.

Oh well, it's at least fun to do some virtual window shopping.
Here are a few favorite items:

(I actually bought the one on the bottom left. I'm still deciding where to put it)

Problem Solver

This is what it looks like to finally get the pictures that have been sitting in storage hung.

Looks pretty good, right?

And this is what it looks like when you smash a hole in the wall with the ladder that you just used to hang the pictures:

Before I rant on and on about how many months it took me just to hang the pictures, I'm telling myself this is an excuse to repaint the office.

Oh and if I'm repainting then I might as well get new furniture.
And new window treatments.
And I might as well move the office into the spare room and make this my new "quiet time" room because Lord knows I will be needing it by the time I'm finished.

See, I just solved my problems without ranting.

Nursery Reveal

One of my favorite things to see on blogs are before & afters.
And although I do not have any children of my own (yet!), nurseries are no exception.
Last week I mentioned I was taking a trip to Arizona to visit my sister-in-law Savanna and to get her nursery all decorated for when their little girl comes into this world.

So without further adieu, here a few before pictures:

And here are the afters:

We took An Ikea dresser and replaced the knobs for a more original look.

DIY flag garland.

We utilized this unused bench by recovering the top with a simple grey fabric and added storage baskets on the bottom. 

My Mom (who is a die hard quilter) made this rag quilt for the baby.

This shade was originally a bright green color.
We used an acrylic, all purpose paint to give it a fresh pink coat. 

The gallery wall is a combination of DIY artwork, Etsy prints, and Fabric.

We used an Ikea curtain (MERTE) and fused a pink ribbon for a colorful border.

We transformed a basic black mirror by painting it to tie in with the rest of the color scheme.

It was interesting having to fuse function with design.
 I typically don't know what a proper nursery consists of since I don't have any children. 
Definitely a great learning experience for myself!