Butterfield 8

I'm obsessed with the powdery blues, golds and peachy pinks throughout this film. It's how I wish my flat (and my life) could be.

Susie Bick

One of my favourite models, who just so happens to have the pleasure of being Mrs Nick Cave...

shot by David Bailey with Abbey Lee Kershaw

with Sara Stockbridge

in i-D magazine

kissing Sara at Vivienne Westwood

as a Roxy Girl

with friend & collaborator Bella Freud

with her family.

Get Well Soon Liz!

Wishing the great Elizabeth Taylor a speedy recovery, she is one of my all-time idols and one of the only true stars we have left.

SHOWstudio.com presents: The Karass

Sorry, I don't normally post this many videos but for some reason I'm on a roll...

Kat Marks (neckpieces) A/W 2011-2012 shot by Nick Knight

I Love a Scandal

From now on I'm taking my style cue from the Misfits (These guys & Danzig's palz).

The Pink Room

Oh Chloe...

That hat is on my hitlist.

Live the dream...

...if you can afford it.

I was just googling the possibility of owning my own Cinderella-style glass slippers and, lo and behold, Mr Margiela has gone and made it possible. IF I was willing to part with $2, 580 (or $1, 277 for a single shoe).

 A podophiliac's wipe-clean dream.

Le Maison went and made these limited edition treats two years ago so chances are they're all snapped up by now, by some insane rich bitches with a fairytale fetish. Damn. Who's betting Daphne Guinness has a pair stashed away somewhere?

Cloak + Dagger

My New Years resolutions to myself were:
To stop smoking.
To seriously cut down on clothes shopping.
To stop buying shit celebrity gossip magazines.
I am ashamed to report, only one (and a bit) month in I have well and truly thrown the first two out of the window. My smoking ban lasted less than a week, and although I managed to resist sales shopping frenzy I caved in last week and had a little splurge. BUT IT ENDS NOW!
Here's a photo of my nice new cloak that I picked up on Saturday.

Headscarf from a vintage shop in Bristol. Cloak from Vintage Guru, Glasgow. Leggings from H&M. Shoes, Primarni originals.

Candy, darling.

Gratuitous nail pix.
Why not!?

Outfit Post

Something's been going wrong with blogspot lately - it will let me repost images from a URL, but not stuff I've uploaded from my own laptop. I dunno why this is, I've been using JPGs as normal. So I've had to hold fire with the updating and create a good old photobucket account so I can post stuff from there. LAME. I was going to do this outfit post on Thursday but you're getting it now instead. I thought it was quite an average outfit but I got quite a few compliments on it that day so whatdya know...

Jumper from a £3 shop in Manchester's Northern Quarter. Skirt from H&M. Boots inherited from mama Nova. Bag from Buzzcocks gig in Glasgow. I know my room needs a serious tidy - this was the least messy part so I used it as a background. The rest looks as though a kids birthday party has exploded all over it.

The Filthiest People Alive

Some photos of me and the Mr at Sandra's John Waters themed birthday party at Stereo last weekend. We went as Connie and Raymond Marble from Pink Flamingos. We drew the line at bringing a couple of black market babies to sell. And a 'bowel movement' in a box.


Video campaign for Prada's SS11 collection

So the dancing and music is incredibly annoying (I think) but the sunglasses, stripper shoes, stripes, and furry snake stoles are sssssssssssublime.



I wish to fuck I looked like Liz Renay.

Black Swan

Just got back from seeing Black Swan at the GFT. My thoughts, when I was able to formulate some after shrieking like a madwoman at Aronofsky's insane (and over the top) jumpy bits, were mainly about:

- Natalie Portman's incredible Black/White Swan make-up.... and how I hope Pixiwoo do a tutorial soon.

- Natalie Portman's incredible ballet body. Apparently she lost 20 lbs training for the part. How the hell did she even have 20 lbs going spare?? I, on the other hand, need to book some dance classes A.S.A.P.

I'm a sucker for bony shoulders and collarbones.

As the 'virginal' White Swan.

Portman succeeding in making 'Madonna arms' desirable.

Reckon we'll be seeing a trend in feathered headwear?

Finally, the gorgeous movie poster...

Everyday is Halloween

I would love it if my grandma could knit me this jumper.