Ikat Tile

Sarah Baldwin, of New Ravenna Mosaics, created these one of a kind ikat tile back splashes.
Can't you just see this being a stunning focal point for any kitchen or bathroom?

Thrifty Tips

Has anyone picked up a copy of Laura Spencer's, I Brake For Yard Sales?

I'm still waiting to get my hands on it but MSN Living featured
a few rooms she put together using vintage/used items all while using a limited budget.
These are honestly my favorite types of makeovers because it takes true talent to turn something old and ugly into new and refreshing.

Here are a few of her rooms:

She offers a lot of great tips on what to use while on a budget.
Here, she found original art for $75. Compare that to a well known artist who charges in the hundreds or even the thousands and you've saved yourself quite a bit.

Another trick up her sleeve is hunting for deals on the Internet.
She found these designer nightstands on Ebay for only $135 a piece.

Everyone knows a great solution to unattractive fabric.
Reupholster! (Just like I had these chairs redone here)

And here the chairs are in a fun plaid print:

It's hard to believe that almost everything in this room was a thrift find!
I need to be more like this woman!!

Last but not least, the coveted campaign furniture...

(Very similar to my dresser, here)

Loving the inspiration!
Everyone needs to own a copy of this book!
Click here to buy it at Amazon.com

Reupholster & Repaint

Remember these chairs?

They were a thrift find from long ago. Too long ago.
Well they had a bit of a makeover and they now reside in my living room.

And here's the set a bit more dressed up...

I used this fabric that I purchased from Fabric.com

I wasn't about to take on the reupholstering job so I set out to find a professional.
I was able to get a great deal by calling around for prices. 
Don't stop at the first quote your given.
 The 4th place I called quoted a third of the price than the first place did. 
Also, don't forget to check references. Reupholstering is not cheap and you don't want to pay to do the job twice.

You will also notice my walls could pass for a patch-work quilt.
Who knew deciding on the perfect gray/green/white color could be so hard.

I'm getting to the point where almost every room in my house has been repainted.
Thank the good Lord because it was pretty obvious we did not know what we were doing when it came to paint selections!

I like to refer to the original living room color as "skin."
With a name like that, it's time to repaint.

After pictures hopefully soon!

Italian Garden Ideas

Everyone loves the laid-back romance of an Italian villa. Cascading grapevines and cultured cypress trees backed by detailed frescoes delight the senses. If you can't afford a carefully maintained hedge maze, marble statues or an elegant gazebo, there are ways to create a little bit of Italy in your own backyard. Does this Spark an idea?

Italian Garden Landscape

Italian Garden Landscape

Three Figures in an Italian Garden

Why settle for a paper print when you can add sophistication to your rooms with a high quality 100% hand-painted oil painting on canvas at wholesale price? Order this beautiful oil painting today! that's a great way to impress friends, neighbors and clients alike.

Baby Shower!

I've been meaning to put up pictures of the baby shower
we had for my sister-in-law Savanna a couple of weeks ago.
I love this girl dearly and when she asked if I would decorate it for her, I was so happy!
I had never decorated for a baby shower before so I hit up Google for some ideas.

Here's a few pictures of the shower:

The platters are actually candlesticks and plates glued together.
I then spray painted them hot pink.

This was a fun activity I actually found on Martha Stewart's site.
The guests are suppose to guess the baby's arrival date and pin it on the board.
I used an old canvas I had laying around and covered it in fabric.
(I recommend putting some type of batting or foam in between so the pins will slide in easier)
For the dates, I hand stenciled them with basic fabric paint I picked up at Michaels.
I made the the flags from scrapbook paper that I cut out and glued the sides together around floral pins.

Handmade flag garland I used in the nursery.

I purchased the pink straws on Etsy here.
The guest seemed to love them and they were a cute extra detail.

And here is the lovely mother-to-be and myself.

I had so much fun decorating for this party!
Now I just need to convince a few more of my friends to start having babies so I can start planning the next one!
And if anyone is interested in seeing the nursery I helped Savanna decorate for the baby, click here.