I don't have much in my life, but take it, it's yours.

I'm back, after a week of hectic times and internet silence. A lot has been going on and a lot WILL be going on; I will be uploading photos from Sandra's Divine Birthday Party (her John Waters themed 30th) and will try to get some pics of the music video shoot I'm doing today for She's Hit. This week I'm doing a photoshoot with Rosie Blake and more filming with Rachel Sharpe. It's going to be busy as hell but hopefully fun too. And I might find time to do a bit of uni work, maybe, one day............. who knows?

Pleasure Dome

Anger for Missoni

I know this is old news (it was made for the Autumn/Winter 2010 ad campaign) but I've only just discovered it today. Kenneth Anger for Missoni.

Hamburger Lady


Tilly Losch

Satan's Sweatz

Alasdair McLellan does Sienna

...and she's never looked better!

Lady in Red

I stumbled upon this picture online (no idea who it is or who it's by)

but the hair & make-up and styling remind me of one of my all-time favourite style heroines, La Marchesa Casati:

although the colours remind me more of the Otto Dix (another favourite) painting of Anita Berber (ditto):

If anyone has any information about the origins of the top photograph, who it's by and whether it's part of a series - I'd love to see more - then please let me know! x Oh and Merry Yule/Happy New Year!