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A full service painting company specializing in interior/exterior painting.We offer surface preparation such as scraping, sanding, wire brush, caulking and power washing.We use different techniques of application: brush,roll,spray,staining is also available.

We are currently servicing the Northern Arizona area with 22 years of painting experience ,you can rest assure that you will receive the best job possible  at a very reasonable price.

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We are currently offering 15% discount to all seniors 55 years and older.

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Recommended Retail Paint Companies:

Sherwin Williams
Is what I consider to be the best product in the industry,the history of manufacturing  paint products to the best degree possible has always been the aim of this company. 

In 1877, Sherwin-Williams & Company developed the first patented reclosable paint can. This revolutionized the way paint could be used, and more importantly, reused over a period of time. During the 1880s the company continued to develop new products for the paint industry. At the beginning of the decade it improved its liquid paint formula. After two years of test marketing under the Osborn label, it introduced SWP--Sherwin-Williams Paint--the first mixed paint to receive considerable public acceptance.

Sherwin Williams is currently offering a discount on their new product line. You can visit the site below to down load a coupon and seek other discounted prices.

Paint history link:

Behr is another paint that I would recommend, they have an excellent product. The application of this product is wonderful. Very easy to work with and lays very well on any surface. I recently finish The painting of The Sanctuary at Sedona: where I used it to paint the interior(10,000 sq ft & 30,000 sq ft) of the exterior. I also used Kilz primer which is the best primer the industry have to offer, It hides and spreads very well on all surfaces, be it new drywall, stucco or wood surfaces. Behr or Kilz  can be purchase at any Home Depot through out Arizona.

Behr has a new product call Fresh Aire which is a green product, to get more on this product  visit:

Behr is a manufacturer of interior and exterior residential paint, founded in 1947 by Otho Behr Jr. It is known for their extensive range of available colors (over 1800 colors are represented in their paint swatches and samples with over 4000 colors available overall).The company is based in Santa Ana, California. Home Depot is the exclusive retailer of Behr paint.
Behr is pronounced like the animal "bear" and its logo includes the outline of a bear.
Behr Process Corporation was created by Otho M. Behr. Upon his death his son Otho Jr. ran the company until Jack Croul eventually took over. In 1999 Behr was purchased by the Masco Corporation.

FYI: It is always a good idea to consult your H.O.A. if you have one. Usually they specify what colors you can apply to your home. If this is your situation you can save your self a lot of time and headaches.

FYI: Another time saver available to you is the new technology available at where you can create your color scheme on their website and get a good idea of what your colors will look like before you apply it to your home.    

 Serving Sedona/Northern Arizona:
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Elite Painting Services

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