Craigslist Find: Campaign Dresser

Like every other blogger out there, I was waiting to get my hands on a Campaign dresser.
I didn't realize how difficult that would prove to be.
I was constantly checking the local Craigslist (and even the not-so-local Craigslist) but came up with nothing.
With my plans slightly diminished, I decided to let it go with the hopes of maybe stumbling upon one in the future.

So you can imagine when I saw this on Craigslist one day I was beyond excited.

And when the asking price was this: $40.00
I was even MORE excited.
Who finds a campaign dresser for $40??

Uhm, Me. That's who.

I was even more surprised when I went to pick it up how nice it was.
Very clean, Had all the original brass handles and it even came with a glass top.
Here it is in my living room.

Old age took a toll on the brass handles as you can see.

And here is the glass top.
I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it but it might be handy with preventing scratches.

I'm currently half way through the refinishing process. I've got as far as sanding and priming and now I just have to paint it. I'm going to use a dark navy blue to really make the brass details stand out.
It's taking a bit longer than expected but hopefully I'll get some after pictures by early next week.

Anyone else have a campaign piece? I'm always looking for a good before & after.