One Less Wall... And Purple Stairs

Remember last week when I introduced you to the start of our little basement reno?
Well we had one more thing left on our list of phase one to complete.
And that was to remove a section on this wall...

The whole concept behind this was obviously to make the space bigger as it's kind of like living in a shoebox. So we had our handyman take out about 3 feet of block.

We also had to install a header which is kind of a pain but what are ya going to do?

And just to give you a better idea of where our new opening is, here is a picture leading downstairs from our front door...

It's kind of hard to tell but the stairs are purple.
No, they were not a result of a rash design trend on my part.
Yes, they were this color when we bought the house.
As were the flight of stairs leading to the top level of our house before we carpeted over the hideousness.
Let's have a flashback...


But back to the basement....
Like I mentioned before, this is probably how it is going to look for a while.
Nate has a bit of carpentry in his blood so we may get a few recessed lights up and maybe even start building the wall structures but more than likely this is the way it will look for the next year or so.

But overall, yay for progress!