Primaloft Luxury Comforter Twin 66'' x 86''

Primaloft Luxury
Primaloft Luxury Comforter Twin 66'' x 86''
by Primaloft

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Review & Description

With hundreds of generic down alternative comforters available from large department stores like Walmart, IKEA, Marshall's, Target, etc. for as low as 50, you might ask yourself - why would you spend almost twice as much on a Primaloft comforter? The answer is that not all comforters are created equal. Generic comforters use cheap synthetic materials, which are heavy and less breathable. These comforters also tend to absorb moisture from your body, which leads to them losing most of the fluffyness they had after a couple of months of use. On the other hand, Primaloft comforters are made with patented ultra-fine fibers, which create an incredibly lightweight, soft and comfortable insulation matched only by the best of down and feather. These fibers also whisk away moisture, making your sleep even more comfortable and leaving your comforter puffy much longer. Because of their

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #28093 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Brand: Primaloft

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