DIY Monogram Art

I have a quick DIY personalized art project for anyone to try.

I know monogramming isn't everyones thing and to be honest, I'm not really the type to go get a pillow with my initials stitched on it.
But I thought old metal letters & a shadow box might be a modern take on a fluffy 3-letter pillow.

My supplies:
  • Vintage metal letters I picked up from an antique store this summer. N is for my husband's first name. M for my first name and R for our last name.
  • Shadow box from West Elm
  • Basic sewing pins

The letters were probably from an old building or sign. They had double sided screws that were easy enough to twist out with a pliers.

I was left with the perfect size hole to place a sewing pin head in. I made sure they fit snug enough so the letter would be held up tight.

All that was left to do was put the letters in the box.

Right now my DIY art is kinda hanging solo.
I think it might look good in a collage so hopefully I can put one together soon.

No fluffy pillows here!