Rug-less & Blue Paint

Since the start of this week, I have encountered a few mishaps while trying to put my living room back together. I mentioned I was in search for a new rug. I looked everywhere and while I found a few contenders, they either proved to be the wrong size or too expensive.
This is when I resorted to Ikea.
Now before anyone starts calling me an Ikea hater, let me state that I do love Ikea and shop there often.
But I tend to stay away from the bigger items like rugs & furniture because it seems like every other person out there has the same exact thing.

Well the internal battle for originality loss because I brought home this rug:
And here it is in my living room:

I guess you could say I liked it but I wasn't in love with it.
And I am looking for love here people.
 Plus, it was a little to small for the space.
Here's a better view to see what I am talking about:

Pay no attention to the random cord and cat

I had made up my mind and back to Ikea went the rug.
That left me searching the Internet for a better alternative.
That's when I found this rug on Overstock.  

I loved the distorted chevron pattern and it even came in 3 other colors!
It was priced well and was the correct size.
I was sold but apparently my husband wasn't because I was told I had to wait a week to make sure we didn't find something else for a better price.
The. Biggest. Mistake. Ever.
I went on the site this past Monday and it was sold out!
I couldn't believe it.
My husband has received the stink eye from me ever since.

So as for now, I'm still still rug-less and waiting for Overstock to HOPEFULLY bring my rug back.
Oh, and why let all the fun stop there?

I only painted my new campaign dresser the WRONG shade of blue.

The color looked nothing like the swatch so that project is currently getting fixed as well.

Lets hope the end of the week gets a little better.
Here's to blue paint and rug-stalking!