Rug Reveal

If you've stuck with me for a while you will know I was on a mission to revamp my living room.
I removed my old rug, switched out some furniture and kinda started from scratch.
My main focus was getting a new rug. Here were my requirements:
  • Had to with stand kitty claws and messy husbands
  • Easy maintenance. (My last rug was a pain to vacuum)
  • Subtle, neutral pattern - I want to be able to change my decor around it.
  • Appropriate size & price.
I gave a rug from Ikea a try but in the end, It just wasn't working for me so I returned it.

When all stores fail, check the interent. was able to provide me with my new rug and I have been living with it for the last week testing it out. Here's a link to it if anyone's interested.
Look closely at the online picture above and see if you can spot what's wrong with the rug in my living room.

 It's blue!
And before anyone thinks I accidentally ordered the navy color instead of grey, your wrong.
I double checked the the packaging and it says charcoal grey.
I guess it isn't a true blue but nonetheless, I was kinda disappointed my rug didn't show up looking like the online picture.

Since my new rug had a blue undertone, it clashed horribly with my new campaign dresser so I decided to move that into my kitchen nook.
I replaced it with a console table I scored at Target a few years back when they still did their World Bazaar. Could someone at Target talk to corporate about bringing that back please?! They had such great stuff.

So far I love my rug. It shows no signs of wear (even though it has only been a week) and it vacuums easily.
It may not have been the color I wanted but I don't mind the blue/grey either.

Now that I can check a new rug off my list I will be working on getting new window treatments and accent pillows for color.

I'll keep you posted!