Goodbye Green

I took initiative this past weekend and FINALLY painted the master bedroom.
When my husband and I moved in over 3 years ago, I gave him the option of picking out our bedroom color.
As much as I love him, he has since never been allowed to pick out any other colors.
The reason being, he chose hunter green. Ew.
Here is an old picture in its previous state.

I should also mention our room is considered and "attic room" therefor making different arrangements almost impossible and scarce closet space.
Here's another angle of the room.
(I think this picture was taken right after we moved in)

I haven't even bothered to try and update this room over the years.
The awful color and lack of storage has made this room my biggest design dilemma yet and I kind of left it neglected.
Well not anymore!
Thanks to some help from my wonderful mother-in-law, the master bedroom has been painted!
When it came to color choices, I wanted pretty much the opposite of hunter green so I went with off white.
This room doesn't get a whole lot of light so anything that would make it brighter definitely would be an improvement.

Here's a view from the opposite side of the room.
I can name about 12 things in the photo that I hate.
And yes, the shelf to the right is filled with the extensive shoe collection belonging to my husband.
He is a shoe addict.

It's pretty much a blank canvas so I can't wait to start decorating.

I spy cute kitty ears.

I swear Millie is a sleep-aholic.
She sleeps in this spot about 85% of the day.
See the look she's giving?
That's her subtle way of saying, 'you move me and I'll tear up the curtains'.

Needless to say, I left her untouched.