The Never Ending Story

That's just what I'm going to call all my posts about my bedroom updates.
Granted, they wont include giant flying dogs or the mythical land of Fantasia, (hopefully, most of you have seen that movie. If not.. awkward). But with the way things are moving, it may be awhile before I get everything established.

So last time you saw the master bedroom, it looked like this:

I tried and tried to love the red pillow but soon it became hard just to like it so sadly, it was returned.

Here is the updated room:

Notice the new lamps from Tarjay....
That's Target for those of you who don't speak french. ;)

My little sister gave me the two West Elm pillows on the right for Christmas.
I love the stork pillow so much! I'm sure it will be moved around the house quite a bit.

We moved the dresser to the other side of the room and freed up the window nook.

As I speak type, I'm looking for a cozy reading chair to put in the corner.

Close up of "hat lady."
I found this print stashed in an antique shop in upper Wisconsin. I also got the unicorn print on my dresser there as well

And last but not least, I switched the black shadow box frames for some gold framed mirrors.

Hopefully everthing will stay in it's place so I can address the other much-needed parts of the room.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!