A Little Kitchen Update

Progress around my home is slow moving lately. And trying to blog about it when I finally finish a project is even slower. A couple weeks ago my husband and I took on the task of changing up our kitchen nook.

Kitchen nook = The awkward space behind our counter that is too small for anything useful.

Enter metal crates and spray paint.

Lucky for us, my husband's family farm had lots of these old metal crates lying around. We used over 30! We pressure washed off all the old grime and grease and prepped them to be painted. 10 spray cans of paint and 2 very sore fingers later, we had shiny stackable crates.

I've always wanted open storage in the kitchen and now I have it!

The best thing about this whole project is the crates are interchangeable and nothing is attached to the wall.  Meaning I can change it around or completely take the whole thing down if I get sick of it.