Lets Get Real

Ugh. At this very moment, I am forcing myself to sit at this computer and write.Write about something, anything. Yes, my humble little blog is primarily about decorating my home with random life bantering thrown in the mix. But sometimes a girl just needs to BREATH.
So for the next couple sentences or so, I'm just going to be real with any one who takes the time to stop by my blog but mostly with myself. As of lately, I feel like I have been putting my own thoughts, feelings, and insecurities on the the top shelf to collect dust.

First off, let me say thanks to everyone who has actually taken the time to stop by my blog.
I know your out there. I do check my stat counter.
Whether you found my blog and loved it, or if it didn't take you more than a post or 2 to realize you could care less, I guess I'm grateful anyways. I know when I read someone else's blog, I tend to forget there is a real person on the other end of the computer. Their blog is one in a million so if I don't like it, I can move on to the next one and that's just the way it is.
When I first started this blog, I literally posted to myself. Sounds strange and I guess it kind of is but it's the truth. I knew no one knew about my blog because I kept it on the down low so I just posted about things that interested me. If you do read my blog, you will probably guess I love to read/write about thrifting. There's nothing more interesting to me than looking at a blog that designed their whole bedroom, living room, even their closet with thrifted/repurposed things. I believe that's true talent.
I also know there are lots of people out there that wouldn't touch a used coffee table with a 10 foot stick, much less step foot in a "dirty" thrift store.
Hey, I'll say it, I LOVE MY GOODWILL!
(I wont be offended if I've lost a reader or two with that one)
Also, as a side note, bloggers usually love comments. Myself included.
Granted, it's a rare thing to receive a comment (good or bad) but when I see that little notification waiting for me to approve someones words of encouragement (hopefully), I truthfully get a bit giddy inside.
Nice words really make a girl's day.

Now to the craziness that I call my life....
I may hate you some days and love you others, but you are mine and I will make the most of you.
Yes, I have about 500 things to cross off my to-do list but I wont cry. I MUST NOT CRY.
Sometimes the best thing to do is work through each problem one by one until that numbing feeling subsides a little and you can feel the sunshine on your face once again. As of lately I have found a few vices for stress relief. Reading and running. I'm not great at either but a little progress goes a long way.

Whew! Blog ranting really does help.
Now that's over with, I would love to share a few random photos that make me smile.

What happens to my husband (and cat) after a full day of me telling him to hang pictures, move furniture and rearrange a room 4 times to "get the flow right"

My sister and I sampling the latest fair food. Deep fried egg. Verdicts in, not good.

Our children, Millie & Diego

Dessert from Little Italy in San Diego

My first ever attempt at decorating our living room. Yes, your aloud to laugh.

My latest find on craigslist. I LOVE it but have no place for it so unfortunately I must let someone else have it. (If your in the Eau Claire area, seriously pick this up!)

And lastly, Millie showing off her tiger skills. Rwar.

Like I said, random.