Thrift Finds

First off, let me say thank you to all the kind words that so many of you gave with yesterdays post. 
Blogging lets you express yourself in many ways whether its about decorating your home or giving a reality check. And with all the thrift talking, it gave me the itch to get out and scour the bins.

I stopped by my favorite second hand store because they have the best furniture selection and I found quite a few goodies. Take a look...

I'm a sucker for anything with ring pulls so I instantly was drawn to this buffet.

Ok, it's summer. So how good would this faux wicker/bamboo table set look on a sun room or three season porch? Imagine with me...Spray painted a fun color with new, colorful upholstery. 

And why didn't I buy this? Oh ya, because I don't have a sun room, let a lone a deck. 

Quite a few mid-century pieces.

Sleek coffee table for only $30

Vintage pieces.

I can see this rocking chair reupholstered for a fresh look. Perfect for a nursery.

Unfortunately this etegee was sold before we could get to it because it would have looked great in our office.

These next pieces are a bit eclectic but I think you could put them all together to make a fun, vibrant  room. These chairs had upholstered seats edged in colorful trim.

Check out the retro floral prints.

Love it!

These prints with faux bamboo frames were almost 3 feet tall. Big enough for above a bed or sofa.

I'll tell you right now, if I had a baby with a nursery to decorate, I would put this in it.

The wood detail and floral pattern is really fun.

And what's a trip to the thrift store with out coming home with a project treasure??

My latest piece. Mid-century beauty.

First words out of my husbands mouth were, "Where are you going to put that?" 
To be honest, I didn't care if I had a spot or not. This baby was sturdy, solid wood for only $35.
In the truck it went and we headed for home with a successful trip under our belts.

Just for fun I created a mock up of what I can do to my new bench.

Add a cushion and a few decorative pillows and I already love it.
Now I just have to find some fabric for my new project. I'll keep you posted as I go!